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Why Become an MADC Investor?

MADC is dedicated to building and supporting a resilient, sustainable, and diversified economy to ensure Minot is the right location for businesses and families. Investing in MADC means you are investing in the future of Minot- investing a strong and diversified economy, investing in a business-friendly community, investing in new job creation, investing in Minot's infrastructure, and investing in many other aspects that make Minot a desirable location for businesses and families.

MADC is funded through the City of Minot, Ward County, and private investors. Your investment is essential for MADC to fulfill its mission: to facilitate business attraction, expansion, retention, and advocacy to diversify and strengthen the Minot area.

Here are a few reason to invest in MADC:
  • MADC is the lead organization responsible for attracting new primary sector companies to the Minot area, to bring new dollars into the community, which in turn will grow the Minot region and diversify the economy
  • A diversified economy is a more stable economy, making Minot more resilient to the fluctuations in different industries
  • Primary sector business development creates new wealth that trickles down through the entire community and ultimately into your business
  • MADC is dedicated to supporting Minot's existing primary sector businesses, whether it's expansion efforts or day to day operations, MADC strives to help the existing businesses who are significant to Minot's business community
  • Investing in MADC means you have the opportunity to tap into MADC's resources and assistance to help overcome an obstacles your business may face
  • Without MADC’s efforts, there would be limited primary sector business growth in the Minot area and less new wealth creation, which would restrict Minot's economy to grow
  • MADC serves as an advocate for all businesses in Minot. In order for Minot to grow successfully, Minot must be a business friendly climate and MADC works to make sure businesses in the community stay in the community


Thank You to Our Top Level Investors

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