Business Expansion & Retention

Minot’s thriving business climate speaks volumes to the success and dedication of Minot’s existing business base. The Minot Area Development Corporation works to preserve and strengthen Minot’s existing primary sector businesses through the Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) Program. 
The BEAR Program enables MADC to actively engage with Minot’s existing primary sector businesses to ensure stability and long-term success. MADC serves as a resource for existing businesses by facilitating local, regional, state, and federal resources as well as connecting businesses with the right tools to address their needs. As part of MADC's eighteen month plan launched in June 2019, MADC strives to meet with all of MADC's BEAR businesses by December 2020. 
The BEAR Program allows MADC to help existing businesses pursue opportunities and overcome challenges they may face. Businesses within the BEAR Program have utilized MADC for assisting in business expansions, being a point of contact to communicate with resource partners, sustaining mandatory equipment, and more. If you are an existing BEAR business or believe your business qualifies for the BEAR Program, please contact MADC to learn about untapped opportunities your business can benefit from!