Industrial Park of Minot

  • 800 acres of shovel-ready property,IndustrialParkofMinotLogoCropped.jpg rail served and non-rail served sites available
  • BNSF Site Certified
  • Uniquely positioned at the intersection of 2 Class 1 railroads (BNSF & CP)
  • Zoned heavy industrial
  • City services available including water, sewer, gas, & electric
  • Gateway to the energy-rich Bakken region
  • Top-ranking producer of 17 ag commodities 
  • Largest distribution hub between Chicago and Seattle
  • Convenient access to 3 U.S. Hwys 
  • Strategic Partners including BNSF, City of Minot, Ward County, State of North Dakota, and the NDSU Research Extenion Center
For more information regarding the Industrial Park of Minot and Minot's distribution advantages, click here.


Minot Road Infrastructure

Minot’s prime location provides access to 3 U.S. Highways: HWY 2, HWY 52, and HWY 83. Our Magic city also offers a NE Bypass and the 55th Street Overpass to prevent trucking congestion and re-routing to avoid trains. In addition to state and local funding, Minot was awarded $14 million in federal funding for the 55th Street Bypass, which is a great example of how Minot’s transportation infrastructure has a nationwide importance.


Minot International Airport

The Minot International Airport is the largest airport in the state of North Dakota! Minot’s $85 million in airport infrastructure upgrades was completed in early 2016, with a new $45 million terminal, 12.4-acre apron, and new airport parking. Minot’s carriers, Allegiant, Delta, and United Airlines, fly to the following major cities: Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Phoenix.


Minot Utilities

Verendrye Electric
Verendrye Electric Cooperative provides electricity to homes, farms, and businesses in seven north central ND counties. Verendrye is headquartered in Velva, has a full service center in Minot, and outposts in Harvey and at the Minot Air Force Base. Verendrye serves parts of Minot and other smaller cities in the area.
About 85% of Verendrye’s Power is produced by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, which Verendrye and 137 other cooperatives own. The other 15% of Verendrye’s power comes from hydropower produced at the Garrison Dam. The power is delivered to Verendrye in bulk by Central Power Electric Coop., which is owned by Verendrye and five other cooperatives. Here is Basin Electric’s 2016 energy portfolio:


Xcel Energy  
Xcel Energy is a major U.S. electric and natural gas company, providing energy to customers across eight states. Xcel serves 88,459 electricity customers specifically in North Dakota. By 2030, Xcel aims for a 60% reduction in carbon emissions and a 63% carbon-free energy mix for the Upper Midwest; currently Xcel is more than doubling their energy sources! As of 2016, Xcel’s corporate responsibility report for the Midwest includes:

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. (MDU) 
MDU provides retail natural gas and electric service to parts of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. MDU’s service area covers more than 168,000 square miles and serves about 410,000 customers total.



Minot Water Capacity

Does your business have special water needs? If so, Minot has you covered. Here are three key water aquifers that surround the Minot area:
  • Minot Aquifer- 2M gallons per day
  • Sundre Aquifer- 6M gallons per day
  • New Rockford Aquifer- Potential to supply 5M gallons per day 

Minot Telecommunications

SRT Communications
As the largest telecommunications cooperative in North Dakota, Minot is proud to be the base of SRT Communications. SRT provides over 50,000 active services to their customers; including the capacity to serve the Minot Air Force Base, internet, and phone services!
Midco delivers leading internet, cable TV, home phone and home automation services across four states. Serving over 300,000 customers in 335 communities, Midco continues to innovate, empower, and inspire the people of the Northern Plains.